Weekday Lunch

Let a dose of (low-effort) inspiration subvert the rushed midweek lunch —discover a few recent favorite Grocer picks that come together to make a nourishing, special-feeling mezze spread.

In our basket:

Cantabrian Sea tuna is preserved in a Mediterranean ratatouille with eggplant, tomato, onion, and olives — making a tin of tuna a more substantial and flavorful meal (easy if you’re on at work or on the go and don’t have spices or condiments to dress it up.)

Deliciously airy crisps that are a fun replacement for a traditional cracker or flatbread — made by Piuma D’Oro (“Feather of Gold”), an Italian artisanal bakery that’s been making a range of chiacchiere for over 60 years.

Garnish your mezze-inspired spread with a couple slices of farmer’s market tomatoes—we’re eating as many as we can before they’re gone for the season.

The same feta we serve in the Bakery on our Mezze Plate — chunks of feta marinated in the extra virgin olive oil we bottle in-house with chili, garlic, and herbs.

End with a bite of something sweet…Singaporian chocolatier FOSSA is elevating the chocolate bar into a canvas for creative expression, with each of their bars made from specialty cacao sourced directly from farms around the world and inspired by often unexpected flavor pairings that take cues from everything from Singaporean comfort food to refined tea varieties. Try the Chili Peanut Praline, the Salted Egg Cereal, or the Lychee Rose.